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New purchase

You should buy a printer basis your printing needs. If you print less than 100-120 pages a month then consider Deskjet or ink tank printers from any brand of your choice.

If you print over 100 pages a month then consider an Officejet printer of any brand of your choice.

If you print over 1000 pages a month then only go for laserjet printers as it’s economical and fast.

If photo printing is your priority then consider buying a photo printer of your choice of brand.

Basic Printer
If your only requirement is printing and do not plan to scan then a regular printer can come under $80-100$.

All In One
If you wish to scan and fax as well then consider going for all-in-one printers of your choice of brand.

Wireless Printer
If you want to print from your laptop, iPhone, iPad, or any other smartphone wireless then a WiFi-enabled printer is the best choice.

A wireless printer is a network printer that connects to your computer or smartphone without connecting any cable.

A wired printer connects to the computer via USB cable or wireless router via ethernet cable.

Most products come with 1-year manufacturer warranty where for any issue with your product manufacturer is liable for either repair or replacement.

Most of the products get shipped within 3 working days in Canada and 5-7 working days in the USA. You may opt for priority shipping with some additional cost.

Post Purchase Setup

USB Connection
The easiest way to connect a printer to your computer is via a USB cable. However these days most manufacturers have stopped sending a USB cable in the box. However, if you have one then simply connect between computer and printer then install software or drivers via disk provided in the box. In case there is no disk then go to the brand’s website to download the drivers and software as per your printer model number. If still face any problem then contact the printer manufacturer for further help.

Connect Printer Wireless
For wireless setup, first download drivers from the brand manufacturer website then run the wireless setup wizard from the printer’s control panel and connect to your wireless network. Try to print if fails then contact your brand manufacturer for any help.

First, ensure the printer is connected to a computer and the required software is installed. Open the scanning application to scan a document to your PC. If still unable to scan then contact the brand manufacturer.

For ink cartridge replacement we suggest you to read user manual or watch videos on YouTube to get a better understanding as you might break some part due to a lack of knowledge.

  • In case you are unable to print then first check the connection between printer and computer. WiFi light should be lit in case it’s blinking then reconfigure your connection.
  • If the connection is fine then ensure there is no paper jam and papers are available in the paper tray.
  • Try to clear the print queue.
  • Try to reinstall drivers and if still fails then contact the product manufacturer.

Yes, we offer onsite repair services in Canada and the USA on a chargeable basis. Please speak to an expert to book an appointment.